Previously generated poems:

---- ON DRAIN RODE ----

Your, spurt mistiness burnt number aired ride, agency _____ long-scattered films able unsettle

Wasps, regal reliably his knew Bruce earth, drop

Echo, tone tore sent thee obdurate puzzle, long dropped plush mine love had

Secret, Word

Came, societies

Question, partition in through

break, drawn leave them Eye Oh Crying, characteristic

Genesis, Little unfasten then

foul, never air dawn Liquor forget shed, hand Your Those drain Your

Liveliness, got White repaired


Call away, Hehis hung stoned Spectre ______ thee

Bankrupt, leave Her

Green, Lotus I pit peter out.

Your, Sisters

Oh, factor in 1980 lead astray rule words on, abstract End wet Them Those

Other principle last iniquitous

Diamond, Skull landlord fluster _____ Initiative desperate, fabric stem Society PieceHis prose earthprose earthncy sure

His, stand spin-off It whithered erring tower, august

corrupt, in maize St. upset swum depicted, sung then ever abstract flew

Babyish, criminal obdurate evil..

---- WE EVER POOP ----

Transcendent, say He add see upset then, opacity resolution never stoutheartedness.

Jouney, Oh break

Gave, Philosophers hard-nosed Yours ran forgotten fluster, cup of tea

fundamental, break kept Yourmine came dawn bells, depicted miserable glittering.

Cave, tighten mistiness Your Black fatigue sway, dynamic fluster Yourmine get went

Works, Where Flying beaten hill another god’s goal, Sword Court adversary dreamed let The

Yours, heaping sidetrack in light plush wake, we brought Club engross dead Yourmine.

Form, whose we!

Burnt, sprinkle

breath, His love at heard colors maize, a End.


Pour, layer had division component investigates Agency


Laid, the year was 1969 separate bit Time am told, non-fictional enthusiasm The. 

Be, maize Cruciform disturb 12 weary Ghost, lie

Mix up, harass whose dusting. 

Diamond, flame poop shed tucker verse healed, outrageous Shorts That

Bruce, send tear you appear to me empty commonwealth game, flew

Idiosyncrasy, facet Them love Black wander of, aired parody Left Your

Eat, intransigent Where ray particularly depraved then, lost mode draw away Her Oh War

down, then Oh smoked schoolhouse slip Villains, of It Get lost circles Was same. 


bemuse, took red Salute desperate upon on

technique, sovereignty overrun upon wicked paid Your, arse. 

long, not your thing wreck blue sent Thorn heard, A fool headstrong Your forgave Them morale


Time, nefarious Where of Spectre grand Ghost, uncouple make disappear lists confound. 

Order, fell Syndicate gross!

Thorn, fly echo material

unbalance, sweet He never mix up That His!

---- COMICS ----

Lost, throne lost freeze pour State floor, League Trust shameful variety throw gross

Dollhouse, kept mistiness second fabric covering drunk, principle drop never movie. 

Your, Burning sent in Those Shorts horrible, contradictory tear mystify bit Societies. 

Your, zest distract

High, sit drunk I. 

A fool, builds Skulls never What splashed through. 

Wounds, villainous stoutheartedness entries hold harass Blood, understood scored wear down on made drink

It, No His overrun add a august, tenor puzzle

Fly, upon by heaven) spurt Yours lead astray, score long. 

Nebula, Syndicate occurrences dynamic willful forgotten see, pole


Wars, crawl courage do chose grown overtire, Shut sphere mortality Your 

Dominion, city with. 

Begun, National!

Done, burn out thee sky abandon I He, expanding lose.

Cantankerous, I. 

Entered, steps Pagodas Yours lazy ______ how, residing jump found

Dreamt, Supernatural Water Oh prostrate Get lost lawn

Capricious, poop out obscuration

Delinquent, motivation worn

Her, kingdom Agency eat self-willed torn supernatural, hurled of paid upon grit entries

---- STARE DOMAIN ----

It, society dug ever American visionary at, spent leaf win Where off go. 

Glory, swing I drive mix up drop Those

Principle, we earth thee throw off hurled

Vampyr, Appears. 

Door, Lost red disengage slept. 

Show, cognate able sent frenzy fluster wrote, towering coat fall groups crown

Bullets, exalted where at a quality bend 

That, wander said Their driven noble bitten, Your high-minded series. 

I, with abominable swum plotline haziness obdurate, Their of Appears towering Syndicate. 


---- BIRDS ----

Whose, Calm Inside. 

Guilty, sun’s shed put scum Crying superb, Salute. 

I, fine poop out Bones heinous The won, upon. 

A fool

Restored, realm disobedient stream Pendulum impressive arse, stubborn It Yours I its. 


Fight, with blown open thee magnanimous imperial desperate, boxcar distract opulent tract!

Ran, view rich broke slain. 

Capricious, Little on tower. 

Angelus, Thursday films flaming Wheel excellent at

---- BITTEN BLUE ----

Timm’s, Mechanics on style verse obscuration made, self-willed bet

Seaboard, hint State fluster Tyrants perplex Get lost. 

Light, discompose Lot been way mislead 12, I Oh wild. 

Dreadful, The Bath last outrageous said That, same showed That eat canyons fold

Their royal vital spark, Chronicles jazz. 

Baroque, hurled shone deviant snow Her miscreant, pour country killed. 

Those, steps addle outrageous It by overextend. 

Stolen, harass Nation lazy I willful towering, heaping Administration at substance bed august. 

Culture, enthusiasm told Timeless thing call away abstract, spent intervals _____ separate ghostly speak

Founded, mix up on been base rotten choir, American Those spray. 



Men, It baffle non-fictional Little felt strikes, swanky.

Dynamic, beat name blown open California next culture, magnanimous

Great, Shadow house unbalance never It atrocious, Flying overflow thrown Yours Them gauze. 

Voice, with mess with one’s head He. 

On, A fool Alliance his beat tenor dreadful, groaning. 

His, books tower window a hill Them

Those, flew Timm’s magnanimous _____ Where season, A fool mix up. 

Poop, Crusaders prostrate stolen the day! 


---- ON ON ----

Superb, wonderful sublime sovereignty trace

That, resplendent nothing more to say Fictional sown trait latent, buy It stall That

Us, bad-tempered R.I.P lay druthers based worn, Thursday drew groaning we

Had, long-scattered drank. 

Drain, restored It rode apart towering overdo, subdivision gathers. 

Down, of From down

Prostrate, overfill babyish books prostrate arse sing, Enforcement The mettle Where catch flies decorum. 

He, vicious used movie whose wars life, daze his

Whose, Extraordinary known drunk crawl Left it was 1972, rank depicted engross flash silver. 

Unyielding, addle are score depraved steal propose, Their earth be ever upset


Featured, haze Venture Them Skulls temper felt, nearly invisible flagrant Dragon Her add

Tribunal, hang Assassins smashing entertain bite at, Oh in do

His, intransigent ever Flying Justice slain Eye, world off taken

Wife, drunk went

Lofty, visionary rang way Where scored draw away, TV of in rank unmanageable Skulls. 

Swept, of ever his. 

Individual, spoken dreamt throw old Your Yours

White, His a view we draw away layer, Trust

Threw, unbalance another base mix up The Them, detract!

Where, Them palatial slain



His, drew Them lands Break lawn depicted, words occupy _____

Dauntlessness, in Burning accept monarchy luxurious ______, Rock swing ingredient CONTROL. 

Put, The satisfy august peter out Alone bet, city. 

Dollhouse, Everything’s furnished. 

Enforcement, with Mafia earnestness His world Illuminati, one Legion House

Parody, Burning station jump Initiative we. 

Scum, gave His long-scattered rotten know discompose, slept

Life, hit Bureau films, in deviant motivation

the can! 

---- HIGH ----

Where, mysterious side detach question appears the Dispatches? 

Noble, Where

Mysterious, upon madden mess with one’s head. 

Restored, despair call away. 

Love, pompous at perverse teach buy add, I groaning Those stripes. 

Spin-off, books films spend Appears

Satisfy, scarf Thorn on burnt question

Forgiven, a His corrupt seen Their fluster, put see 12 Grail shameful. 

Lake, sway

Magnific, Where say vogue.

---- WICKED ----

It, life force Assassins put broom blown open shop, unbalance addle. 

Catch, abandon dove wander Company as. 

Disengage, radiant thee drank red never Advanced, chosen world called Store met. 

Found, exalted tenor got pewter poop out frame of mind, films

Swanky, animation That beat Her!

In, lend had referred shut Secret Calm, dream saw Diamond

Have, old That It Her deviant high, Inside. 

Brilliant, sumptuous spirit Pendulum World’s confound Yours, pulse on. 

Saw, Where It. 



It, goal splendid addle people series madden, like thrown rage mix up He!

Rank, enthusiasm Falls paid Metal Everything Her, supernatural

Ever, believers drank It Them brilliant!

Throw off, sit sheriff societies tighten poop sun’s, culture heard Poor _____ stall. 

Scum, are drunk thee overdo He A fool, _____ sold at principle at

Dove, motivation Where swing That subsidiary

Have, reliably see upon thee. 

Gears, A fool impoverish eat

Give, shrines series hazy bought Commonwealth that, at

Disturb, residing of province Your spent. 


Fractious, nerve trend upon A fool lain fell, cold send on earnestness partition. 

Now, red I

Sprinkle, confound I enervate show tower What, He opulent on _____!

Ever, sent she said on treacherous hill

Harass, use up morale morning pompous whithered come

Season, abstract wander Your habit plain discompose, criminal were The. 

Where, recall modern view Skull air His, Their impressive regal That evil


Residing, froze disconcert superlative California crabby in. 

Discompose, overextend Their goal _____ agitate smashing, Fictional life video Angel. 

---- IDEA PEOPLES’S ----


He, despair draw deviant wicked a tract, in Those Mysterious Ghost left

Whose, Assassins His commonwealth Little dive occupy, striking It!

As, particularly far Her august tower unbalance, trouble left Other strain Brethren lost. 

Material, red Thursday rank villainous kept grew, perplex ______ cripple hid disobedient. 

Not your thing, perverse unit mental broom speak standout, commanding

Upset, hole dream contrary Your suck dry oomph, Your whither He

Down, given Timeless That Van!

Lists, standards august went. 

Caught, essence are hear angelus degenerate Them, cripple. 


Love, wear down upon never infamous froze stirs, marrow Young villainous in standout

Prose, Skull of in rattle Sword Foundation, through entries behavior That bit stirs.

Sword, Health showed Works Your bid floor, works he answered strain Warehouse on for.

Trace, chose Dogs high-minded ate residing jazz, froze swim.

Road, Watch driven answer showed Timm’s

Feet, pebbles kept catch flies The sown Appears, overfill heard at jazz.

Lost, chose red drawn county away Break.

Me, cantankerous trouble A fool tossed mystify scored, guts Her.

Disturb, imperial such driven It!

Summer, disturb.


Of, never realm scepter

give Light bells, rotten lie intransigent

torn with mean, splatter pole enervate

dove high Oh, run ragged ball up The

ever dive Them, Where Cave a

never disgorge propos, Dracula weaken its

flaming snow rise, Where fight putrid

includes detestable The, Where air Rune

throne Shorts august, such draw heart

irritable conk out Where, Break popular Those

Mechanics same Thursday, overturn 2nd unhinge

said slept Golden, heavy mistiness whose

miscreant chosen Flying, derange upon lay

facet kept unsettle, lady idiosyncrasy chose

stoned sang Their, veil Dharma He

broken approach of, Anarchist House forgot


Ever, Eye Bruce Liquor

wicked Complex Spectre, blown open were reveilles

movie Eleven _____, DC tore societies

objects commonwealth known, in off Those

Treasure goal beat, a He Gig

Trust strikes.


Outlook, forgiven dream at

sublime a commonwealth, distract _____ cross

self-willed blown open atrocious, of dead Buffaloes

on standout are, in Oh ______

rank Where Angel, dropped did power?

Wheel _____ glittering, among plain annoying

splendid of Her, never lend Now

forgot shown motivation, another god’s That Them

ever stood proud, Where ardor show

fight with story, frazzle morning flagitious

lose swept crystal, intractable same fabric

in 1980 shut took, Timeless integument sit

burned based royal, wander ridden never

Their character Yours, Evil draw in

drove Word strikes, Those swum once

He overfill ever, terraced drew sway

entries at. 

St, Kill transparency suck dry

earth Idea tower, upon dug get

series He deviant, stump The rich

Their tell Justice, That overrun never

at a forgave, group base drink

awake imperial say, Your society send

done merely whose, us monstrous Golden

tower sit summer, rotten trend transparency

lain we Everything, put characteristic Great

same Bath Diamond, Girls hold Atlantic

haze Dollhouse type, Treasure It fluster

His flash life, frenzy sweet on

on cold in, depicted on Alone

Correct The driven, at fluster draw

disconcert mood It, lay in throw off

overrun haze beguile, Them Oh The

covering It Those, bankrupt ray...

---- FIGHT ----

Become, bought now numerous

light unreasonable drew, taught Where drove

sleep froze League, run woke hold

could One speak, Her _____ chest

lose choir second, 13 Homer That

poop out _____ That, Mafia hill separate

lose magnificent St, we have a problem squirt That


Who, frazzle superlative wings

Them It mental, It chest brilliant

episode It Other, each. 

---- KILLED ----

Blue, Her miserable His

striking stubborn His, Those Gears wounds

wicked excellent aspect, It Network hell

fluster Your am, dropped The shoulders

He layer Cave, terraced End write

That _____ Shell:, hit It furnished


Of, reliably Thorn answer

did sky He, fluster delinquent non-fictional


---- GO BROKEN RED IT ----

His, enfeeble. 

Beaten, at drawn his

propose upon Dollhouse, stubborn Them Their

burn out on launched, Her Break Watch

Them eyes Neon, drip Brotherhood leave

drip It rotten, forget Assassins crown

heaping at it, Society Baroque carriage

See upset His, hang willpower Club

season throw Extraordinary, His apart plush

Their taxi films, bid cathedral lose

on upon visionary, by fractious Correct

brought Intent am, National view dive

think haziness _____, Calm Lost in

Glove such Venture, That know beat

desperate torn old


Rung, membrane lose visible

irritable freeze refractory, wicked angelus blew

flaming Yours crabby, tore mulish walk

Was agitate stone, were _____ hurled

vein Them gone, them He far

engross nation burn out, hide game It

plush colors depicted, put run out a

nefarious silence caught, green _____ Your

apart fallen scum, You works books

come ran Those, bells Piece unhitch

boxcar spin-off once, spend Those flaming

series held sphere, No Her strain

lose on sublime, part groups suck dry

words in Dispatches, Yours frenzy Poets

subsidiary on criminal, meet stupefy satisfy

distract Blind stripes, striking Baroque Them

Self-willed, stream unfasten forgot

Initiative at groove, Them buy sheet

The fallen company, Oh unhinge His

tower on Gig, door exalted heinous

revived lead astray waste, disengage taken 2nd

Complex That healed, disable woke Cruciform

pompous weaken grown, see ear noble

wounds apart on, parody erring heinous

______ layer had, novel His leaf

palatial ever in the alleyway, all Break splashed

morning story constituent, meet harass haziness

principality believers ever, furnished spoken break

Those awake slept, It aired Atlantis

Yours Your Assassins, Appears came Gentlemen

thirteen Truth fight, numerous burnt spent

infernal dip Lost, covert Lotus _____

built never. 


That, nefarious cut _____

technique scored derange, rotten ever Yours

bit Prison blow, left poop believers

lift Where his, hit Invisible plain

disobedient Oh Oh, commanding Dharma distract

Crusade The accept, grow Alone throw off

Oh Correct superior, occupy on found

words Me last, Where hide elemental

upon snowbound ran, coat unbalance lend

of Those that, air power? launched

group ever upon, Evil hear on

style plush 2nd, far His forgave

______ muddle Shut, unhealthy Those Enforcement

It Those never, group Glove jacket

vile Trust do in, monarchy Your Mysterious

many break Where, apart books begun

material showed. 

Ever, genre temper season

though ever dropped, fluster exalted splatter

restored membrane repaired, Get lost choose old-red

impoverish impressive understand, another Owls air

one Poor. 

---- IT DEAD ----


Unmanageable, drop Spectre commanding

gorgeous give whithered, discharge mystify off

wicked unbalance stubborn, elegant lofty Where



Alone, lent base true

boxcar entries uncouple, He age disable

never boxcar upon, He sheriff light

gross death The, down restored Mechanics

smashing druthers worn, base unbalance feet

words of sun’s, despair never Your

Poets Her led, in 1980 dribble blue

beaten carriage disgorge, each write never

intractable ever lists, Cave hold 49

slain Me villainous, The Them miscreant

mean irritable films, disconcert Yours leave

striking for Legion, Time meet...

That, blur ate lost

Individual snow fluster, Doom window video

Fictional able bent, had unhitch at

told Diamond broken, burned matter Them

blew throne corrupt, mysterious completeness spent

gorgeous addle flag, Yours agency launched


---- DEVIANT ----

Their, rotten drove Your

Yours rise Eye, design Those pigheaded

made leaf That, never spent ghostly

Men overtire she, basis Her Those. 

Send, become broke membrane

spin-off railroad in, His universe break

launched where nerve, Force shut of

______ squirt throat, Oh peoples’s bent

bit _____ bewilder, on red down


Oh, warmth plow now

Brotherhood Government sprinkle, vile house lent

cognate aspect through, It distract pebbles

Your American vitality, we Those atrocious

Enforcement and there it is Her, cathedral dribble drink

down never Those, spin-off brilliant bent

is obstinate running, take Their vital spark

character Their never, question fabric crucifix

Their It Society, hobo get woken

temperament temper dropped, hid ever through

freeze heinous never, Nine may know

read Dragon stood, overextend. 

Salute, ______ 49 piece

His shrines stirs, Yours (fictional) Oh

Idea blue exalted, mislead world culture

gone The towering, stoutheartedness dreadful The

leaping spray spunk, Your torment long

confound of long-scattered, throw off run White

found Eye Top, turn aside pour earth

Yale pulse turn aside, Falls unreasonable including

abstract mix up of, lain engrave Dollhouse

World’s game rung, merely His stoutheartedness

showed encroachments a, He referred Yours

pewter rage Those, It The 100

rotten Angel’s stem, old-red stem spiteful

tall now Whose, spent find upon

episode Those send, fly. 


Ship, pledges rule known

never Those Warehouse, Last thirteen told.

Unsettle, bed written stars

overflow in 1980 sheet, gauze impoverish Yours

Yours It lay, never at habit

at rule _____, overdo completeness spill over

drank spill over Crusade, type. 


Walk, matrix imaginary bells

wild Freemasonry Genesis, Left drink See

run over catch a, fallen His His

group Yours me, It stare Society

particularly motivation pattern, mulish name Sword

love burn leaf, unfasten Glove bought

catch nation wear, Great wore It

stand parody made, running visible laid

whose forgave Bruce, chest Island Her

in willpower long, stall never Foundation

based unhitch You, Them sung society

mystify at strikes, Oh upon Wheel

mulish entries shadows, hung His on

proud Yours walk, earth mix up bed

Group, Her it was 1972 putrid

pellicle in silence, Oh intelligence woke

stupefy crown won, ingredient proud obstinate

may chose whose, Their cost dusting

eyes mix up outstanding, agency abominable ran

upon by conk out, Nation, some kind of ever

skin hard-nosed leaping, Where cost obstinate

Them spent US, score Their Homer

Circle off His, Time win at

Dogs He Birth, dream landlord the year was 1969

Post-War gathers annoying, The slain basic

Metal blood bankrupt, He.

---- YOURS ----

Yours, nothing more to say magnificent hill

add verse Villains, sit posh thing

county Her delinquent, bet felt stream

hint upon one, health began particular

Mechanics Metal dogged, White Their not your thing

particular of stars, films, never divert

by Where at...

Scepter, at are ever

Those base splashed, That universe secretive

______ dive dig, It drink side

The lead away in, draw opprobrious swam

lead astray overturn lead away, dreadful Those in

rule Oh run out, Command launched 49

Force perverse teach, scatter Bullets gotten

Evil _____ another god’s, long ran at

flagrant impasse strikes, intractable Everything’s his

at forget hide, lead away plush at

warmth Breath His, perplex mix up pompous

self-willed mess with one’s head cathedral, healed radiant Consortium

layer Their never, matrix befuddle trace


Understand, paid overdo ever

heard 100 wind, help me rang

Mafia American erring, driven ever can

non-fictional spent dove, flagitious cigarette at

begun Club miscreant, house blew Those

flash The web, veil Their a

pellicle ate Oh

Irritable, Grail Birth principality

drove It in, grew detail draw

hurt R.I.P Stand, Central Park Daggers of

Her blown open of, recall silver Buffaloes

Yours Those psyche, at world dived

From Oh integument, component wear outrageous

material prose people, books Mafia stall

petulant He Nation, forgiven suck dry confound

read win tower, wear down rule in


Putrid, Extraordinary addle ride

custom cross Evil, subsidiary arresting _____

fought chose contradictory, on through Cave

came standout landlord, Timm’s Where took

It throw off That, Little Them Shepherd

plotline Rock empty

Red, His wicked self-willed

won Nine a, stupefy in organization

overexert laid dawn, ship superb torn

Their lead away cost, flagrant on vitality

keep secret detach, impressive Them ride

wet Atlantic Where, blue bit latent

a death willful, One St send

far mystify Word, propos fatigue with

held gross satisfy, irritable drip a

tower built Correct, plain in be

vein voice. 


His, may slain run ragged

gotten in overexert, buy frontier spray

Those The series, disengage sat drove

innocent another god’s Them, upon Poets dove

snow From road, never exalted depraved

broken upon grew, a best baffle

strain Their gunpowder, Your blown open 2nd

Your call away Illuminati, Guilty regal Unseals

saw seen prostrate, lawn stately froze

Ghost membrane sent, luxurious in 1980 day

lifts of Crusade, Now some kind of see

on rank Yours, societies oomph The

intelligence pole forgave, unbalance crawl shut

mulish Oh ever, pay supernatural bemuse

Stand Yours torn, magic Philosophers escape

conk out keep transcendent, house Shadow...

Oh, Thursday stall disable

fight Her Where, at Mafia Where

Their It upon, before Thursday founded

accept ok subdivision, such Top putrid

Dune Correct ring, begun catch green

tribunal on Foundation, ridden integument character

web of Unknown, spent It including

old entertain Invisible, spin-off Man vicious

throw off fight unhealthy, on That thighs

series evil upon, rule numerous mystify

birds? despair Yours, love detract world

fractious are Grail, a sweet Dark

His transcendent at, Syndicate Her bearing

Young thrown on, works drove detract



Unfasten, division never films

See That dead, The crystal in

leaping Everything Wheel, agitate Indian eaten

knell superlative cantankerous, abominable Dollhouse contumacious

upset Oh It, continuities rung Buffaloes

bid are lofty, stately aired scum

Network vogue fought, secretive call away groaning

Venture bring wore, splendid lost tall

Central Park The _____, fold Them Dead

contrary were known, Order terraced His

pebbles covering once, Wide mess with one’s head shown

a irritable love, superb night drive

flame disposition _____, ever Time cut

Who simmering Pagodas, Them whose top

verse forgiven haze, Clan stream ever

fall drunk throat, royal include...

Those, That weaken ship

earth desperate lofty, a Lot cut

hold trouble villainous, genre dauntlessness wicked

swum a jump, keep wind That

motivation weary say, disturb rotten outstanding

Light superlative His, His fight cripple

contrary cost.